Pinpoint-Direct, Industry Direct Mail Leader

Pinpoint Direct operates our own in-house printing and mailing equipment. Our mailing professionals understand what it takes to maximize your return with direct mail campaigns. 

Capabilities Include:

  • High Quality Digital and Offset Printing
  • Direct Mail Design & Marketing Services
  • Intelligent Inserting and Mail Fulfillment Services
  • Complimentary First Class and Standard Rate Permits
  • Laser and Inkjet Personalization and Addressing
  • Full four color variable web capabilities
  • Database & Mailing List Services
  • List Services
    • CASS Certification
    • Postal Presort
    • National Change of Address
    • Merging and De-duping

Send Targeted Mail

Targeted direct mail produces a bigger impact with the recipient which in-turn leads to increased response rates. Let us help you segment your lists and create more targeted messages that will build a deeper relationship with your audience.


Identify your target market and set realistic goals. With Pinpoint Direct you'll get best practices for design, targeting, timing and deliverability.


Personalize every detail of your mail piece for every recipient to create an experience they won't forget.

List Segmentation

Easily segment on any criteria creating more effective and targeted messages that boost your campaign response.


"Pinpoint-Direct allows us to offer our entire dealer network customizable marketing materials that help them reach consumers while allowing our marketing department to control the Mercury Marine brand. Mercury Marine is now able to convey a stronger, more effective and targeted marketing solution that drives both sales and brand."

Equipment List

View our list of equipment for; Pre-Press, Press Room, Bindery Department, Ultra-Violet Coating, Copy Center, Large Format Department, Mailing Department,  and Apparel Printing Department

Pinpoint-Direct Equipment List (pdf)