Web to Print, A Pageflex Solution.



Businesses need web-to-print solutions to help centralize, manage and deliver marketing materials to their targets. Web-to-print portals help businesses stay in touch with the audience that will help grow that business without risking large investments.

Pinpoint Direct offers hosted web-to-print portal solutions that can be deployed quickly and without the budget of purchasing high priced software.


These solutions provide benefits to companies that use them that are significant and impactful. Some of the benefits include:

  • Control your brand consistency
  • Personalize your messaging down to the individual recipient level
  • Create an efficient process for creating and ordering print pieces
  • Reduce storage and collateral management costs
  • Track campaign ROI

Companies that successfully make the transition to a web-to-print solution reap the rewards of efficient order processing and faster design and delivery times by taking advantage of the collaborative nature of Internet deployed systems.

Of course, none of these benefits amount to a hill of beans without the ability to track results and provide measured success analysis. Pinpoint Direct can deploy standard tracking tools and work with your business to deploy meaningful custom reporting tools to measure the true success of your campaigns

Benefits of using Pinpoint Direct

  • Ease Of Use. Pinpoint-Direct clients manage their multi channeled marketing and print procurement in minutes and launch with a click of a button.
  • ROI. Pinpoint-Direct increases order efficiency and profits to your bottom line.
  • User Friendly. Users can choose offers, select marketing materials, edit copy and launch a campaign all from their personal computer using a secured login.

Mercury Marine Case Study

Challenge: As a leading manufacturer of marine engines, Mercury relies on a network of over 5,000 independent dealers to promote its product line. 



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